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Bruce Galloway, family law attorney in Ozark MO, smiling in front of his office


Bruce Galloway is a trial and appellate attorney who practices family law and personal injury on behalf of victims of family violence, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, and child abuse and neglect.


He works on other family law cases such as divorce and custody matters. His heroes are grandparents who rescue their children from undesirable homes, as well as survivors of child, spousal, and domestic partner abuse.


Bruce has been practicing appellate law in Ozark, Missouri for over a decade. His law office is located on the historic Ozark square in a rehabbed century-old building.


After graduating from Washington University Law School in 1991, Bruce began his career in law working in the then poorest county of Missouri, Pemiscott County, as a trial attorney of the Missouri Public Defender System.  There, Bruce became aware of the unique and valid approaches to justice undertaken by rural courts.  His experience there profoundly influenced his view of justice, as civil working relationships between attorneys were undergirded by the paramount importance of the citizen seeking justice.


He transferred to an office in Springfield, Missouri, where he practiced throughout the county seats.  After serving for 5 years as a public defender, he entered private practice, moving his home and office from Springfield to Ozark, Missouri.


Bruce Galloway is a Springfield, Missouri native. Prior to attending law school, Bruce earned dual degrees in Religion and Communication at Drury University, graduating magna cum laude in 1988. While there, he was elected to student government and also served on the academic committee.  He was again active in student government and the academic committee at Washington University Law School, where he was also a member of the Pi Alpha Delta, a professional law fraternity.


His father, a career military officer and one-time forest ranger, instilled in Bruce a national pride and a work ethic.   His mother, an immigrant from Holland, instilled in him a sense of fairness.  They influenced Bruce to not only excel in a chosen field, but to prioritize ethical and honest standards in both his professional and private life.

Bruce Galloway is the Vice President of the Board of CAPE, a charity dedicated to providing service to abused children in rural Southwest Missouri. He is also a Board member of the Ozark Chamber of Commerce,  past president of the Christian County Bar Association, and leader of downtown Ozark business owners.