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For the Person Who Has Been Requested to Sign a Prenup

Be trusting. Think Purposefully.  Act wisely. You have been presented with a proposed prenuptial agreement (also known as an antenuptial agreement). That means that your partner loves you, but also wants a plan should the marriage fail. Although you may be put off by the request for a...


Did Missouri Grant Fathers Equal Time with a Child?

If you are like me, you have been watching so-called father’s rights groups pushing legislation.   Recent legislation, HB 1550 got a lot attention as a game changer in Missouri custody law.  Fathers, it was said, would get equal time with their children.  50/50.  End of...


What does THAT mean?

A lot of lawyers talk about family law as if everyone knows the vocabulary.  So you may be sitting with your lawyer, and staying quiet, out of embarrassment.  “Maybe that stuff really is first grade level and I better not look foolish.” I am not throwing stones...


Why I Left Criminal Defense

Before devoting myself to working in a family law practice, I worked as a criminal defense attorney for two decades.  I tried speeding tickets, homicides, assaults, thefts and drug cases throughout Southern Missouri.  For the first 5 years I worked for the state defending poor...


What is Limited Scope Representation?

Limited scope representation (LSR) is not for everyone.  If you do not want or cannot afford traditional representation, it will help make your uncontested divorce quicker and easier to handle it on your own.  LSR can also keep you from going to court or writing a motion on...